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PPC Services by Nunca

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a key element of most digital marketing strategies.

With PPC you see immediate results and a measurable ROI. We're experienced in campaigns of all sizes, suiting a variety of industries and objectives.

CBO Software

We use the premium 'conversion based optimisation' software Kenshoo, maximising return on investment (ROI) through tailored algorithms. Kenshoo is the chosen CBO software for 68 of the Top 100 FTSE companies.

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Increase ROI Today

Our dedicated team constantly analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns -- whether they be search, display or shopping -- and implement changes to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

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Expand Your Reach

We'll help you extend your reach and find new potential customers and leads. We'll look at keyword gaps, negative keyword lists, search query reviews, implementing ad scheduling, locations and other bid modifiers.

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Improved Quality

We work continuously on your Ad and Keyword quality. This leads to a decrease in your cost per click (CPC) and an increase in your click through rate (CTR). Ultimately, an improvement in your cost per acquisition (CPA).

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Why Conversion Based Optimisation?

PPC is used most effectively to target those who are ready to purchase.

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